Johnsons J Green (Golf & Bowling Greens) (20kg)

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Fast sustainable green, now with top rated fine fescues
Highest rated bentgrass cultivars. Traditional green specification. Highly tolerant of close mowing. Exceptional fine, dense turf. Excellent disease resistance from the blend of proven cultivars. Enhanced summer colour with new Siskin. GroMax treated, maximises seeding development

Mixture Information

  • 20% Humboldt Chewings Fescue Stri Rating: 7.6
  • 20% Siskin Chewings Fescue Stri Rating: 7.3
  • 20% Nigella Slender Creeping Red Fescue Stri Rating: 7.5
  • 20% Cezanne Slender Creeping Red Ferscue Stri Rating: 7.6
  • 10% Arrowtown Browntop Bent Stri Rating: 7.1
  • 10% Manor Browntop Bent Stri Rating: 6.9
  • Sowing Rate: 20-30 G/m2
  • Oversowing: 10-20G/m2
  • Mowing Height: Down To 4mm

Cultivars may change due to availability.

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