MM9 – A Quality Browntop Bent Mix For Golf And Bowling Green (20kg)

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Excellent mixture for summer overseeding, autumn renovation and new constructions of top quality golf greens. This mixture is treated with Headstart® GOLD.


  • Produces a fine, dense sward for the ultimate playing surface
  • Good year round colour
  • Disease resistant
  • Hard wearing
  • Very tolerant to close mowing

Mixture Information

  • Sowing Rate: 8g/m2
  • Oversowing Rate: 5g/m2
  • Pack Size: 10kg & 20kg
  • Mowing Height: Down to 4mm

Mixture Formulation

  • 40% Sefton Browntop Bent
  • 40% Troy Browntop Bent
  • 20% Arletta Browntop Bent

Cultivars may change due to availability.

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