Johnsons 4Turf 50 20kg

Johnsons 4Turf 50 20kg

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Mixture Information

  • 25% Fabian 4Turf Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass Stri Rating: 6.5
  • 25% Double 4Turf Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass Stri Rating: 4.9
  • 50% Berlioz 1 Perennial Ryegrass Stri Rating: 7.4
  • Sowing Rate: N/A
  • Oversowing: 10-50G/M
  • Mowing Height: Down To 12mm


Ideal for Winter sports pitches, whether that is rugby/football or racecourses & high wear turf. Rapid establishment, even at low soil temperatures (3-10c) ideal for Autumn overseeding program. Proven 4Turf Tetraploid ryegrass deliver deeper rooting for summer drought tolerance with the benefit of exceptional year round colour and disease resistance. Highly rated diploid companion cultivar for high shoot density and increased wear tolerance. Ideal grounds where a demanding degree of high wear tolerance is needed or where irrigation may be restricted. GroMax treated, maximises seedling development

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