MM Tetra Sport Grass Seed (20kg)

MM Tetra Sport Grass Seed (20kg)

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40% Tetramagic Tetraploid Rye-grass
30% Cyrena Perennial Rye-grass
30% Double Amenity Tetraploid Rye-grass


A traditional mixture, specifically useful for spring overseeding of high quality sportsturf areas to improve turf composition and aid recovery from disease scarring.

A mid season repair mix for winter sports pitches. This mixture is treated with Headstart® GOLD

MM Tetra Sport Benerfits

  • Fast germination from Tetraploid Rye-grasses
  • Rapid Establishment of sward
  • High disease resistance
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Excellent winter and summer colour
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Contains new highly rated cultivars

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