Angus Downcast™ 10L (Sold Out)

Angus Downcast™ 10L (Sold Out)

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(Sold Out) Non-pesticidal, encourages worms away from surface.

A non-pesticidal, plant nutrient based liquid that improves turf health and encourages casting worms away from sward surface, thus reducing surface casts.
In the past various products have been used to help reduce worm casts on the surface of fine turf; many of these have been known pesticides, others damaging to the environment, now we have the alternative: Angus Downcast™

  • Helps root zone structure by encouraging worm activity well below the sward surface
  • Contains low levels of nitrogen (N), sulphur (S) and iron (Fe)
  • Rapid plant green up
  • No growth flushes as a consequence of using Angus Downcast at recommended rates
  • Huge reduction in worm cast production on sward surface
  • Low scorch potential
  • Easily applied through standard spray equipment
  • Increases stress tolerance within the plant
  • Contains spray indicator dye
  • Encourages chlorophyll production within the leaf
  • For use on any grass surface where worm casts cause a problem

Angus Downcast™ is a soil amendment and not a fertiliser and it should always be used as part of a standard fertility program.


1st application of the season (Sept – March) - 20 litres / ha in 250 - 400 litres of water
If problem re-occurs - 10 litres / ha in 250 – 400 litres of water - fortnightly
Sand based root zones may require more frequent application - 10 litres / ha in 250 – 400 litres of water - 10 day intervals


Allow 2-3 days from application to begin to see the benefits of reduction in surface casts. Reduce time between applications if very wet. Best to avoid application immediately prior to rain and re-apply after rain. Always read and follow label instructions.

Please note, due to occasional manufacturing issues, fertilisers may from time to time be substituted for a similar product. Quality will not be compromised.

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