SR2000 Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader (Not on Stock)

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The ICL SR 2000 Rotary Spreader is a rotary spreader featuring a stainless steel frame that can be relied upon for many years of application. The ICL SR 2000 Rotary Spreader is very effective and efficient spreader which has a setting rate for spreading ICL lawn and general granule fertilisers. It also has a shut-off control switch, limiting the amount of wasted fertiliser or seed. It evenly dispenses the product over a large area.

  • Consistent spreading pattern from 2 to 6 metres wide
  • Allows exact setting of application rate
  • Large wheels for easier pushing and no tread marks to turf
  • Adjustable side-deflector to stop fertiliser getting onto unwanted areas.
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Hopper capacity 25kg

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