Boughton Kettering Loam

Boughton Kettering Loam

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Kettering Loam has a typical clay content of 23%. This loam has been used by local authorities and school cricket pitches for many many years. The loam is ideal where a pitch is required to give a quality surface while receiving a minimal amount of preparation.

Boughton Loam is one of the UK’s leading producers of cricket loams and dressings. Having produced nearly 100,000 x 25kg bags of dressing last year alone and with over 25 years experience they ensure a reliable consistent cricket loam.

The Boughton cricket loam range includes County, Club and Kettering all of which produce quality, hard, consistent, pitches with good bounce and carry.


  • Boughton Loams produce quality, hard, consistent pitches with good bounce and carry
  • Free draining for quick easy pitch preparation and fast grass seed germination
  • Sterilised to stop the importation of weed seeds and soil born fungi which can develop into fairy rings
  • Boughton Loam dressings are guaranteed dry to enable easy spreading either by hand or through mechanical spreaders.

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